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Blue Water Static Cord
Image   Description Rec. Retail Steve's Price
Buy Blue Water 2.75mm Shoe Lace Cord per metre (Rated Strength = 100kg)
$1.00 $1.00
Buy Blue Water 3mm Nylon Cord per metre. (Rated at 200kg) $1.50 $1.50
Buy Blue Water 4mm Nylon Cord per metre. (Rated at 295kg) $1.65 $1.65
Buy Blue Water 5mm Nylon Cord per metre. (Rated at 550kg)
$2.00 $2.00
Buy Blue Water 6mm Nylon Cord per metre. (Rated at 750kg) $2.60 $2.50
No Image Buy Blue Water 6mm X 1.4M - "Prusik" Loop made-up. (1 loop ready to use)
(Tied loop is 50cm long) Used for "French" prussic. (5 Wraps on single or double ropes) N/B Can be used as a "Classic" prussic. (Long clipping loop)
$3.65 $3.50
No Image Buy Blue Water 6mm X 1.0M - SHORT "Prusic" Loop made-up. (1 loop ready to use) (Tied loop is 30cm long each) Used for "Classic" prussic. (leaves a loop just big enough to clip) N/B Not long enough for a "French" prussic. $2.50 $2.50
Buy Blue Water 7mm Nylon Cord per metre. (Rated at 1150kg) SOLD OUT! $3.10 $3.00
Buy Blue Water 7mm X 7.5M "Cordelette" Loop made-up. (Ready to use)
N/B Tied loop is 3.5 metres long.
$22.50 $22.00
Buy Blue Water 8mm Nylon Cord/metre. (Rated at 1400kg) $3.30 $3.25
N/B All Hot Knife cutting is included in the "per metre" Price.
N/B Knotting is "EXTRA" -if required. (See Steve)


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